We are the home for all people of any age that wish to learn to play the piano either for leisure, in pursuit of a career, ABRSM exams or as a school subject at any Key Stage, GCSE or A Level.

It is our belief that access to music education should be available to young and old that has an interest in it and that age or ability should not be a barrier to experience the joy and sense of achievement that music can bring.

Learning a musical instrument goes hand in hand with learning the music theory on which it is built, to enhance real understanding of what is heard and played.

Music should be fun at any level but should also give a sense of achievement that permeates the rest of the musician’s attitude to life and other working and learning areas.

Taking up an instrument, especially piano and music theory, from a young age can enhance the student’s abilities in many other academic areas as it not only builds cognitive ability but also teaches a self-discipline that naturally flows through everything else the student does.

Take the first step to discovering what learning the piano from the beginning, or maybe continuing with it after a break, can do for you.

You’re never too old to start.

Give us a call at Music School for All.

Term Calendar

Piano Lessons

I teach piano students of all ages, from beginners up to all levels. I prepare students for ABRSM exams if they wish to do that, but there is no obligation on a student to take exams. I also prepare  …

Theory Lessons

Theory is an integral part of learning the piano and therefore, learning to play the piano is taught in conjunction with theory so that the student can understand the music they play from  …

School Terms & Fees

During the piano lesson, I cover practical piano with all its component parts (pieces, technical development work, sight reading, aural training and scales) so that all these areas constantly progress at the same pace.

Theory lessons are covered during the piano lesson time up to grade 5. From theory grade 6 upwards, separate theory lessons have to be attended as it would take up too much of the piano lesson time.

My fee and music school terms are as follow …

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“I believe that learning to play an instrument has more long lasting benefits than just the advantage of being able to make lovely music. I teach to achieve the goals which the students set themselves, whether that is to learn music for fun or to take it up more seriously doing exams and possibly making a career out of it later.”

– Marinda de Klerk